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Our website is currently being redesigned.

We are a State Licensed Contractor in Florida started in 2004. We provide a host of low voltage services (see below) to serve our clients.  We started off installing residential systems but now focus primarily on commercial projects.  Our goal has always been to design, install and service the best system possible based on the client’s needs and budget.  Many companies can design and install a system but where most fail is the Quality installation and service required for a truly successful installation.  This is where we excel; our team is knowledgeable, professional and always focused on Quality first.

Please reach out to us for any of the following services via the contact information below.

·       Public Safety DAS/BDA Systems

·       Building Cellular Booster Systems

·       Area of Refuge Systems

·       Access Control Systems

·       IP Video Intercom Systems

·       Camera systems

·       Wifi Network Deployment

·       Small Business Phone Systems

·       Distributed Audio and Video Systems

·       Automation and Control Systems

Contact Us:


4111 SW 47th Ave Suite 321

Davie, FL  33314